CEO Message

The words you use to refer to your staff and customers can make all the difference in how they feel. Yes, humanizing your business is as simple as changing your vocabulary. Because restaurants are places of hospitality. You’re welcoming someone in who doesn’t normally belong there, like you would a guest to your own home. The term "inner guest" conveys the idea that we should do the same for people who work at a restaurant. The same basic principle holds true — or should hold true — at any business, whether or not we normally think of it as a hospitality business. I don’t care how successful you get as a business person — you must always keep that element of hospitality. Here are three ways to make sure you have a well-managed business that pleases guests, keeps team members on their toes, and most importantly, stays open.

- Ismail Said Al Tubi

Mr. Ismail Said Al Tubi, CEO:

Mr. Ismail’s experience in the food industry comprises an eventful decade. The majority of his business education was gleaned from Nizwa University and Diploma in printing technology from Sultanate of Oman.

He started his career from Oman Aviation wherein he was overseeing flying Omani permits, from there he received insights to the Service Industry. Being a passionate follower of the food industry, he decided to start a café on the Wave Street. Here, he extended his skills and in no-time started his own fine-dining restaurant.

At the Wave Street, Mr. Ismail was exposed to the creative expressions of introducing Italian Barrista, featuring 3-venues in-1 (a concept called “Multi-Branding): A Pizza Lounge, open ‘Burger’ kitchen, and live-counter Pasta.

Today, Mr. Ismail can be found spearheading new projects and revamping existing concepts for Flagship Italian Barrista brand with 8 branches in Oman and upcoming 2 in UAE. Collective in his role, he conceptualized other successful brands such as Pristino Coffee, Captain clean and Omani foods both in Oman and UAE.

And his quest to introduce new F&B concepts and brands continues; his passion is driving him to explore more opportunities and set more successful examples.